The Bloody Cyclist Paradox

Imagined or real, I often feel that drivers are getting mad at me when I’m cycling to work, as they trundle behind me at an infuriatingly slow speed, waiting for an opportunity to overtake.┬áMany probably aren’t, but some definitely are. Pissed off at me, that is. Bloody cyclist. Slowing down my commute to / from work…

The thing is, I don’t think I’m slowing you down. I think you, and all the other cars are slowing you down. I think this, because of a totally non-scientific, made up theory which might have some basis in fact… The Bloody Cyclist Paradox.

The paradox is thus: If the oncoming lane of traffic is clear, then you can overtake and I am not slowing you down. If the oncoming lane of traffic is busy, it is probable that this lane of traffic is similarly busy, so when you eventually get to over take, you will likely catch up with the back of a queue of traffic, further up the road, so I am not slowing down your overall journey time.

I think this only works on single lane A Roads. But even if it’s total rubbish, drivers should just chill out and wait a few seconds until it is safe to overtake… Jeez!