Thank You!

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You are, hopefully, reading this page because you were recently awarded the Considerate Driver of the Day Award… Congratulations!

And thank you! I wanted to create this act of gratitude (and consequently this web page as an explanation), to counter the negativity I sometimes feel towards drivers when I cycle to work.

I cycle for various reasons, none of which I feel are particularly relevant. What is important is that I am a person. With a family, and thoughts and things that I care about. And the fact that I sometimes ride a bicycle, to me at least, makes me no more deserving of being smashed into by a motorised two tonne metal box…

Sadly, by my guess, probably nine out of every ten cars which pass me as I cycle, do so in an aggressive or dangerous way. The majority, I’m sure, do not mean ill. There is just something problematic about the image of cycling in the UK. Almost everyone manages to slow down or give enough room to a horse and rider, but the same courtesy is rarely offered to cyclists. I’m not really sure why exactly. Perhaps people slip into auto-pilot mode when driving and don’t give their full attention to the job in hand. I know I am sometimes guilty of that when I drive.

Anyway, this feeling of being aggressed or put in unnecessary danger every time I took to the saddle, left me feeling stressed and angry towards drivers. It wasn’t what I’d hoped for when I started cycling to work. I wanted to embrace the positives of cycling and feel good about other road users, so I’m trying to focus on those I encounter who are exceptionally considerate.

I figured that by actively acknowledging the good drivers (of which there are many, yourself included!), it would help me gain a sense of balance about cycling and whether all cars really are hell bent on killing me… And of course show how appreciative I am for those who take their time and pass me in a safe and considerate way.

So, thank you again. It immeasurably improves my day when a car driver is kind to me and I hope my small act of gratitude has added a little cheer to your day too.